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danwahl.github.io making things (better)

Mono Speaking Aid - A simple text-to-speech web app so I can talk to people while I have mono.

What's in a name? - Using popular voting methods to determine the name of a new design cooperative.

Chicago Water Main Replacement Map - A map of recent water main replacements in the city of Chicago.

Chicago's (Ongoing) Lead Crisis - Estimating the health impact of leaded water on Chicago's kids, and the cost effectiveness of filtration.

A Pipe Dream - Let's get the lead out, Chicago.

Do you believe in global warming? - An interactive Bayesian tool for augmenting intuition about climate change.

A Modest Proposal - Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Obamacare.

Family Giving - An experiment in altruistic diversification.

ACE vs. GiveWell - The final showdown.

Web Speech Hearing Aid - A speech-to-text hearing aid for talking to your older relatives.

Gamma Light - Building a thing because of a podcast.

Stochastic Altruism 2016 - Updated stochastic altruism calculations for 2016 year-end giving.

FairVote Simulation - A simulation of ranked preference voting with 2016 presidential election data.

Solar Fan - A solar powered fan, light, and phone charger for your bedside table (and also maybe fighting malaria).

Divvy Voronoi Diagram - An improved (and somewhat usable!) Divvy station map.

Stochastic Altruism - An analysis of GiveWell's cost effectiveness model using techniques from modern portfolio theory.